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I absolutely love my job and I feel so blessed to be doing this for a living. Really.

I love photographing people. I love telling stories with pictures. I love watching people and capturing emotions and feelings in an image.

I love to have fun. And Laugh. And be silly. And make a fool out of myself if it means you'll feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

I love my clients. And their families. And their friends. And getting to spend such a monumental day with all of these people together.

I love making people happy.

I love fashion and finding fabulous deals.

I love that the photographs I take bring back memories and emotions for so many people years and years after the event has taken place.

I love cake.

OK... I love food in general.

I love taking pictures of people jumping. or laughing.

I love 90's dance moves.

I love the fall. and I love football.

I love campfires and back yard barbeque's.

I love my family and my friends.

I love to travel.

I love documentaries and independent films.

I love words of affirmation.

I love happy people.

I love not taking life so seriously.

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